Focus on Your Business! Let Us Do the ‘Dirty’ Work!

As an “up and coming” business partner, I now understand how freaking difficult it is to juggle everything at once. Here are a few things that can run through a business owner’s head at one time:

-Are my partners happy?
-Are my employees happy?
-Is my business following the federal guidelines? If I get hit owing the govt money, I’ll be furious.
-Will I hit my sales forecast?
-How much of my liabilities can I pay off?
-How much can I leverage my business before I get in deep?
-When will my business break-even? Get debt-free?
-When can I do what I want to do with my business, instead of what I have to do?

Notice what takes a back seat- your business’ marketing and communications. If you have to concentrate building capital and increasing your revenue by going out, wining and dining clients, and then going back to the office and actually do work, of course polishing your organization’s image will be second tier.

Get an agency to do your marketing and communications. In one of my previous posts, I outlined the benefits of not throwing away your marketing. Now I’m showing you how you can keep your marketing, and work on your business.

Agencies, whether they are a concentrated practice or an integrated one, can let you outsource your communications, and leave you all alone in your office so you can do what you were born to do. And plus, if you get a great agency, its efforts will keep you in the office- because you’ll be busy with new clients!