A Lesson: Why the U.S. Govt. is Horrible at P.R.

As we begin pounding the path towards a career in communications, we learn about the several audiences an effective communicator must reach and persuade.

First, the internal audience.
Then, the external audience.

When the theory relates to goverment, the words turn from “internal audience” to “the public” and the “external audience” to “the world” or other “sovereign nations.”

I am not touching the external audience segment, we all know too well what grade the United States would receive. Apparently school doesn’t matter much to these folks…and there’s the problem.

If the U.S. wants to be successful in winning the PR battle at home, then it needs to beef up the civics, government and social sciences in the classroom. In short, the U.S. is failing miserably in upholding one of the most fundamental institutions that “americanize” its citizens.

For example, in school, if I was required to know the first 100 words in the Declaration of Independence, the opening for the Constitution, and a brief history of the wars America has been in, and repeat that for a few years, wouldn’t I be more likely to be more patriotic than someone that knows nothing about our government?

Wouldn’t people be much nicer to the French, knowing that without them, the American Revolution would have been lost?

Wouldn’t people be more accepting to immigration reform, knowing that NONE OF US actually have roots here?

Because there are so many different and conflicting messages going around the education system, no wonder people in these times have little to no loyalty to Brand America. I would never support something I knew nothing about.

People are living in America who have trouble naming all 50 states, the three branches of government, and the past 10 Presidents.

And then America expects people to simply rank-and-file when the time comes? Really?

It really sucks when your own policies bite you back, doesn’t it? Karma gets everyone sooner or later.