The DNC Lands in Charlotte

Long time no see, ol’ blog. According to the count I see on my LinkedIn page, it’s been a little longer than 160 days.


It’s been a busy time for me.

I’m still trying to make JDW: The Charlotte Agency work, and it has been full of its ups and downs. We’re working on a sports & entertainment spinoff from the marketing component, so more details on that as it develops. I got certified as a U.S. soccer referee, still doing multiple Charlotte YMCA activities, as well as Sportslink, and all in the meantime continually falling for my girlfriend and raising a puppy.

Also, just came back from seeing a good friend marry his sweetheart (congrats again Jeff!)*

I’m still trying to figure out this whole “adult” thing.

And then, the DNC comes to Charlotte.

As I’m writing this, day one of the Democratic National Convention has just begun. Bill Clinton has yet to take the stage on Day 2, and Obama has not yet accepted the nomination on Day 3.

Rumor has it that he will.

I’ve been in Charlotte since late 2008. In this period of time, I have seen Charlotte attempt to figure out this whole “international city” thing. It has been pretty fun to watch.

It’s brought multiple professional sports teams to the area. It’s bolstering up its downtown/uptown area. The startup community is ripe with young, energetic and bright entrepreneurs. Not to mention Charlotte is luring other FORTUNE 500 companies away from other cities (welcome again, Chiquita) And the city people do not want to be the next Atlanta- they want to be better than Atlanta.

I see you, Charlotte.

Then boom: Charlotte beats out Denver, Cleveland and some other city to win the DNC bid.

And rumors for a potential Olympics bid have already started to float around.

Charlotte is growing up and its maturity, so far, is looking good. The city is making the right decisions, attracting the right people, and desiring the right things.

But is it ready for the international spotlight already? Is it prepared to host the convention where the first (half) black american president announces his re-election? Can Charlotte aptly prepare America to move “Forward?”

Like in business, and in life, only time will tell.

*He gets the shoutout because he tells me he reads the blog. See what happens?


Of the Second Amendment

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

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Nothing is more debated than the interpretation of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

If you follow my posts and/or activities, you may know that I am quite the fan of definitions.

So this can be fun.

To keep on point, here is the outline-

1. The Second Amendment‘s original meaning

2. The Constitution- Living or static?

Let’s dig in!

The Second Amendment’s Original Meaning

A Supreme Court Justice went on NPR and explained this subject in extreme detail about why the second amendment was there in the first place. It turns out, it was a state vs. federal argument with Jefferson and Hamilton. Jefferson, the Virginia representative, and Hamilton, the advocate for the federal government. Jefferson wanted the second amendment in there so the federal govt. could never seize the arms of state militias, and leaving them vulnerable for military takeover. Hamilton, who was gung-ho for a national army, thought that was absurd, since creating a union state militias, Hamilton believed, would go on the way side.

Jefferson won the argument, and the second amendment went in.

Is the Constitution a living document?

Now the next topic. In 2011, there are now active state militias. So based on the original interpretation of the second amendment, it is no longer relevant.

Unless…we make it relevant.

The Supreme Court is meant to interpret the law of the land as they see fit.

In that case, the answer is yes, the U.S. Constitution is a living document.

What’s Next?

With the recent tragedy of the Arizona Congresswoman, the gun control policy of the United States will come into the limelight, with emphasis on what the second amendment really means. The issue is not going to be resolved until the High Court rules on it. Until then, as it is happening now, I see no issue with state regulation. Can you create a parallel with individual protection and state militia? It’s a stretch, but I can see it. Can the Court make a case that gun control is regulated by the federal government because of the new federal mandate of protecting the free world includes domestic protection? I can see that as well.

I have no opinion on what’s right or wrong (if everybody had a gun, it would in essence be as if no one had a gun, theoretically speaking) but there obviously a need for society to be given an answer.

Or, a definition.

Obama’s Meeting with the Top Dems and GOPs

Surprise surprise, guess who a transcript of Obama’s meeting with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell?

Well I didn’t. But below is what I hope happened behind closed doors. This is just President Obama talking.

Enter Oval Office:


Okay, thank you everyone for coming. Take a seat. Not you, Congressman Boehner, you can stand. I’d tell ol’ Mitch too, but I respect the elderly.

I appreciate the laugh Nancy, but please, let’s not over do it.

So, we did a terrible job telling the public how much we did. We’re making history folks. We did almost as much as FDR’s first administration.

I can feel you rolling your eyes Boehner. Don’t make me…


Anyway, Mitch and John, are you ready to take this on? Let’s make a deal. Let me cut defense spending and let the Bush Tax cuts expire, and I’ll fly down to Hawaii with you so you can see my birth certificate.

Haha, just kidding.

For heavens sake, Nancy, wake Harry up please? It’s 2p.m. Good afternoon Harry, thanks for joining us.

This is serious; the American people are tired of the stupid-talk in the House and Senate. We need to start getting things done, and move forward.

Mitch, say “Obamacare” one more time. Please. That’s not annoying at all.

See, that’s the kind of nonsense I’m talking about. Healthcare reform has been desired since Theodore Roosevelt, and he was a republican!

Here’s what I want to do. Cut government spending. Infuse cash into the middle class and small businesses. Open more trade channels with Cuba.  Give the EPA more authority over environmental issues, and have them explore the pros and cons of geo-engineering.  As for Washington politics, what the hell is going on in the Senate? Harry, get your house in order. I want to you suspend the rules, and take out the rule where a single senator can stop anything.

Boehner, didn’t I tell you to stand? If you get your tan on my couch I’m going to be pissed. Thanks. Actually John and Mitch, you two can leave. Congrats on the win. Anyone can make a lay-up.

Nancy, Harry, I have a question. Since I am President, is there any way I can make Boehner…you know…?

Oh don’t look so shocked Nancy, I’m sure W thought the same thing. Seriously, Nancy, stop looking at me like that. You’re freaking me out.

Well our trick worked. We lost the House but kept the Senate. Well done.  Let’s see if this works. Harry, there are beers in the fridge. Grab three. Business is over.



I Want to Meet Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, form...

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I cannot tell a lie. I’m a fan of Rahm Emanuel.

Why? Well much like my post about Afshin Ghazi of Charlotte, this guy doesn’t hide anything about himself and how he does business. He’s fierce, ambitious, passionate, and polarizing.

And I admire that.

What is truly amazing to me is that his tactics and personality traits have been vilified by the media, his own party, and aware observers. I’m not too surprised about the Republican’ts and the ignorant observers, push-back against a liberal that gets stuff done is expected.

Rahm did exactly what he was expected to do:
-Implement the President’s campaign milestones
-Get Congress on board with the policies
-Keep the Dems in check
-Create a consistent environment around the Administration

And he did so almost flawlessly. In a cut-throat political environment like today’s, Rahm was the guy Obama needed to get started.

Today’s political and economical situation calls for more people like Rahm. He has his supporters, and granted, he has plenty of enemies. But he showed that an ambitious attitude and a will can get stuff done in the backwards community of Washington.

Now I don’t want to be BFFs with Rahm (though it would be totally cool!) but I would love to pick his brain as to some of the inside information and activities he had to do to get stuff done.

Along with that, while he has receiving extreme scrutiny and criticism about his approach, he conducted business-as-usual. Talk about resolve. I know Bush and Cheney were bad@$$es too, but I actually like this guy. And he wasn’t the one (technically) in the power chair.

Now when one talks about a Chicago democrat, the past Democratic Machines are brought up into the conversation (if you’re having an intelligent conversation). Is there a new Democrat Boss rising to power? Has the Democrat machine in Chicago ever left? I haven’t studied Chicago politics extensively, nor will I pay attention to the idiot ramblings on CNN, MSN, and the FOX storytellers, so I won’t give an opinion.

But if Rahm is the next Boss-to-be…that’ll be interesting to watch!

So Rahm, let’s talk. There aren’t that many Do’ers left in this society, and we need to stick together. Though I don’t see myself choking a democrat over a ledge to get a vote,  knowledge is power.



An Open Letter to the DNC

Dear Democratic National Committee:

You people are simply astounding.

President Obama and his administration has passed historic legislation, you control both Houses and the Executive Branch, your congresspeople are racing against idiots…

…and you are UNDERDOGS?

I can’t understand how a party like you can be completely in power and powerless at the same time. I am continually amazed at how awesomely bad you democrats are at forming messages.

At first I was amazed. Then I was stupefied. I sat through the painful interview of DNC Chairman Tim Caine on the Daily Show. In Caine’s Democrat fashion, he is oh-so-happy to share the new tagline for the Democrats for InDecision 2010: Don’t Give Them the Keys Back.


No Caine.

You see, it really sucks for me because I actually like you guys. It pains me to see you all have the reigns of power, do quite well wielding the power, and then you have no clue how to tell the American people about it.

DNC, the phrase “Don’t Give Them the Keys Back” is way too cerebral for the American people. The Republicans win the people over in two ways: dumbing it down so morons understand, or scaring the daylights out of them.

It’s cute to see that the DNC believes in the intellect of the American populace, but if you want to stay in power, you got to face the facts.

The people that will decide the election are not the brainiacs  you target. The centrist and scare doctors will win the people. Pure and simple.

I wish it wasn’t the case either. See my previous post about changing the voting system in America.

Look, please don’t mess this up. The republicans have done anything and everything to see the Obama Administration fail, and nothing has worked for them. The Democrats have killer ammunition to go after these GOP fogies, and all you have to do is use it!

Here is a very short, 5-step way the Democrats can take back the lead in all the polls:

1. Create a Top 10 things we’ve done for the American People list.

2. Make sure the list is written at an eighth-grade level (because remember, the American populace isn’t as bright as you think)

3. Share the list with all the democrats running for office.

4. Make sure they all stay on point. And don’t elaborate on the points.

5. Anyone who deviates should be replaced by someone who won’t

Ta-da. Basically it’s being a republican disguised as a Democrat.

But you’ll win.



I’m Not a Fan of the RNC, but I Respect the Brand

Let’s face it: The Republican National Committee beats the pants off the Democrats when it comes to messaging, consistency, and overall branding.

The Grand Ol’ Party knows it is for big business.

The Grand Ol’ Party knows it will continue to fight for lower taxes and tax cuts (even when the country can’t afford it).

And those who fall out of line will be punished severely.

Bravo RNC, Bravo.

Regardless of what I think about the GOP, they are a perfect example of how internal communications can help with external communications. Once you get everyone of a certain group in-line and on point, the group doesn’t care who it has in front of a microphone. And that’s exactly how it should be done. If you say you are part of a group, then your message should not deviate much from the general message.

Message delivery is important too; and the GOP performs stunningly well.

Even when the group is making this era the most partisan Congress in history, they stay on message without blinking an eye.

Without blinking.

Being communicators, we know that there must be a point for every message. Whether it is awareness, or a call to action (or inaction), the end result is key to the message. What are the GOP trying to accomplish?

No…if it was outrage, I would think it would backfire. The GOP alone stopped several legislative attempts on healthcare, support for troops, money for education and more. So it couldn’t be outrage.

Get more Republicans in Office?
It is an election year, so the rhetoric is hotter and more bloated than ever. Do they want control of both Houses? Of course. Will this messaging and total partisanship help their cause? I doubt it. What solutions have they thought of? Not except the whole “everyone-against-Obama” thing. Although they’ve done a fantastic job hiding everything Obama has done, I think it will be a modest victory for the Dems.

Class War?
As the richer get richer, and the middle class rapidly disappears, I wouldn’t be surprised if this came to fruition. I don’t think it’s their goal to have it out between the haves and the have-nots, but their stance upon a golden podium won’t be long if they force people to tip it over.

My point is, I am not sure what they are trying to convey. Which is troubling for the RNC, because then they’ll have a bunch of gun-wielding, Crusade-declaring morons making their own conclusions.

Not cool.

The RNC does a good job putting the message out. Whether it be a message of hate, ignorance, partisanship, illusion, confusion, and straight stupidity…The Grand Ol’ Party throws it down with flying colors.

Bravo RNC, Bravo.

A page from a BP Public Relations Person’s Diary

Not really. But I’ll let my imagination take care of this. If I was a public relations representative for BP, with a diary, this is what it would read like:

July something, 2010:

It’s been so long since I’ve written in my journal. I don’t even know what day it is anymore. Monday? Thursday? Since our recent fumble I don’t even recognise weekends anymore.

And now the Board has decided to bend down and hold their ankles for the American media and say farewell to the presiding Hayward. If only those blokes listened to us about confronting those bloodthirsty hounds, Hayward may not have been sacrificed.

Course not; so now we’re stuck cleaning off a muddy (or oily if you fancy irony) house with the head now American Dudley.

All we had to do was tell the public:

-What exactly happened
-What Hayward’s title encompassed
-How this situation was being handled (with a tad more haste)

But since our recommendations were shoved back under our chins, now we look like we’re simple, and our chief is losing his position.

Not to mention the worse quarterly loss for our organisation.

Do the public actually believe that relieving Hayward of his title will turn the ship around? Will they remember the name of the new chief executive once the Mexican Gulf is cleared?

I’m weary of this public nonsense. And even more weary of our faint attempts of pleasing them.

I have written so many media advisories, talking points, and tweets that my hands are shaking. I fear that if I write anymore, my fingernails will start to bleed.

And I am terribly hungry. We’ve been cooped up in our war room upon hours, and I think our colleague who was eager enough to fetch our meals is still enjoying their release. That lucky bastard.

Ah well, I believe it is time to check the email, to see what mess our department has to clean up now. May the pain end quickly.