On Ghostwriting

Long time no see, friends.

I hope I haven’t driven off the tens of you who stumbled across this blog from time to time. Writing at BMA has been awesome, in the 3rd year and going strong.

Also, I’m teaching marketing now at Hough High School, and that has been rewarding.

In my classes I have been placing emphasis on writing. Of course I’m a little bias, writing everyday would have that effect. But I want the kids to understand that writing helps you build a process of organizing your thoughts in a manner which others can understand.

Keep that thought in mind.

Background: before I started teaching I was looking for other ways to bring in additional income. I found this site called Write Zillas, and it is a database of freelance writers. The site would take in orders and writers could bid on them.

Awesome, I thought. I joined.

Little did I realize, the orders were for college papers and essays. Even PH.D candidates were posting orders for their thesis papers.

Not awesome, I thought.

This ties in my former point: if these college students are not writing the papers and essays that are to showcase their grip on the subject matter, how can they progress in their thinking?

Ghostwriting can be good. Very good, especially in the business world.

In the academic world? Not so much.