Dem Pittsburgh Pirates Are Dangerously Close to…


1987–1996 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been trying not to write at all about our Pittsburgh Pirates. But their win over the Marlins got them to their 70th win.

70th win. In the beginning of August.

I know…breathe.

That means, you know. I’m not going to say it.

My good friend Jeff who writes about sports all the time and whose opinion on sports I trust more than nearly anyone, hasn’t even said it.

Ahh! How exciting. Living in Charlotte, I rarely hear people talk about MLB. So to see my hometown team do so well, though I barely get a chance to see the games, is awesome.

Pittsburgh needs those battlin’ Buccos.

But it’s only August, with too many games left with St. Louis, the Brewers and Cincy to make a jaded Buccos fan comfortable.

So, we’ll see. But keep it up Bucs; the city of Pittsburgh (and beyond) is behind you.


2 thoughts on “Dem Pittsburgh Pirates Are Dangerously Close to…

  1. You are too kind, Dwayne! I was holding off on saying it, but I said in a post yesterday that these Buccos are playoff bound. They have a 4-game lead in the NL Central and an 11.5-game lead for the second wild card. There will be playoff baseball in Pittsburgh this October!

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