Yes, I Still Have a Blog…

Long time no see, folks.

It’s funny, once you are hired to write every day, it makes it increasingly difficult to find time to write for one’s leisure.

Yet, here we are.

First, some life events. The wedding planning is going along fine. It’s times like these when being easily pleased is quite a virtue.

Second, some work events. Things have picked up at JDW: The Charlotte Agency, with plans to continue. We are in the progress of doing some major changes. First, some background. When John and I started JDW, LLC., we wanted to plan with the end in mind. The end, being that JDW,LLC itself owns multiple business segments. In business school we learned time and time again that the best way to maintain a revenue stream is diversifying your investments.

With that being said, in the very near future, JDW: The Charlotte Agency, our marketing shop, will soon be known as The Charlotte Agency, a JDW LLC. subsidiary. The JDW logo will continue to be the brand for JDW LLC, and The Charlotte Agency will have its own specific logo, but similar branding to JDW. We are currently making our website anew with the changes in full sight.

My soccer referee gig is going quite well. I just started my coaching and private conditioning, and am working on my personal trainer certification with the hopes of starting a personal training company for couples with my wife-to-be, Mackenzie.

Third and finally, some leisure events. Believe it or not, I still have some time to spare. So I decided to start a pickup soccer group on Sportsvite, with the intention of forming it into a modest pickup league. If it continues to grow, I have plans in mind for tournaments (small and full side), rec-league play against other groups in the Charlotte area, and a youth league.

Also, I’m thinking of changing the name of the blog. Since writing for Beyond Madison Avenue, I have been able to thoroughly scratch my marketing writing itch. Therefore, “New Age Marketing” is longer a need title or avenue. I’ll still write about marketing, economics, consume behavior and the like, but I think it is time for a new name.

It has certainly been an exciting couple months, to say the least.

I know you all have been waiting for an update. I hope these 400 words have sufficed. Until next time.