Are We More Accepting, Or Do We Care Less?

My interest in the fascinating change of human behavior and societal norms continue.

2012 was an interesting year for us humans. We faced the end of the world more with curiosity than fright. Our interactions became noticeably less face-to-face and more digital. And it turns out that multi-tasking, sitting more long periods of time, and not being happy all takes time off of our lifespans.

However- coffee, turns out, is not only good for you, but can replace protein or energy drinks before a workout.

I guess I’ll take the good with the bad.

And now, with the start of 2013, it seems that our perception of attractiveness (as well as the attempt to be attractive) is changing.

According to the NPD Group, a group specializing in consumer research, the number of people dieting has been decreasing at a sharp rate. This year, 20% of adults said they were on a diet, compared to 31% percent in 1991. In 2012, 23% of women said they were on a diet, compared to 34% in 1992.

During a time when obesity is considered a “disease: in America, the decreasing amount of people dieting is interesting. But the study continues.

The study looked at- and rightfully so- about people being overweight and attractive. In 2012, only 23% of people said that people who are not overweight look a lot more attractive. In 1985, 55% of people thought so (mind you, “overweight” in 1985 would be much different than the “overweight” of 2012. Likewise, being in shape in 1985 would be different than its counterpart).

Yet, as the study continues to point out, there are 50 million Americans on a diet, with 27% of them are on it for more than a year. Up from 22% in 2004.

These facts go back to the question raised in the title, are people just becoming more comfortable with the fact that people will be overweight? Is the paradigm shifting?

Too early to tell.

As the waistbands get bigger in America, looks like our perception lens changes with it.



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