Respect Your Roots

“Remember where you come from.”

That phrase carries a lot to it. As we go on in our lives, it is easy to be lost in the present, and in the future. We see that all around us. People are worried about where they are going to be 5 years down the road in their career, where they will live, when a good time to buy a house, all the way to the trivial, if their sports team is going to win, to catching episodes from their favorite show, to being on time to a recreational game.

And that’s okay.

How fortunate are we that we don’t have to worry about shelter. About being thirsty. About getting from Point A to Point B.

About being free.

The title of the this post “respect your roots”, has many meanings to me. It helps me appreciate history. It helps me examine how I got to where I am today. I wish I could say that I got here all by myself, but history would tell a different story.

Example: I have been catching up on Charlotte history, and in the early 1800’s, over 30% of Charlotte’s (sometimes known as Charlotte Town back then) population were slaves.

Or “bonded people,” as the historical account recounts.

Now, Charlotte has one of the biggest African-American populations in the U.S. (top 10). And here I am, free, in my fourth year co-owning a small business (with a white guy) and getting married (to a white girl).

Respect my roots, I will.

I enjoy history because it gives a flavor to the present and future. It helps us see what’s been done, and what we can do to either repeat it, or correct it. We can look at our families, the organizations we are a part of, and see how all of them have grown out from their roots.

History isn’t abstract, as some people think. Second to learning first-hand, history is the best way to learn, discern, and think.

Let us all remember to respect our roots. It’s a history lesson worth more than we think.


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