A New Consequence of Blogging

Many of our generation (Millennial/GenY) have taught or been told about the dangers of placing and sharing information online. That is nothing new. On social network sites like Facebook, we must be careful about our privacy settings and what kind of information we are sharing about ourselves. On Pinterest, we must be wary about if the content and pictures we are sharing carry any copyright or content-sharing caveats we must abide by.

But blogging about news, topics, and goings-on around your community was usually safe.

At least, it was.

A fellow marketing professional was sued this year because of his sharing of information about a certain event in his neighborhood. He notes that he didn’t even comment on the actual event, but his emphasis was on how technology was incorporated and used in the situation.

The “victim” of the coverage wasn’t happy about the way they were portrayed by everyone who shared the information. I guess we’ll leave it at that.

The point is, and the point that the marketing pro was sharing, is that we have to be ever more careful about what we choose to share online. Not only do we live in a place where we can access information freely and quickly, but also a place where people can sue anyone for almost anything.

Yes, we now made it to the times where we must tiptoe around- even the internet- for fear we may hurt someone’s feelings to the point of being sued.

The future of the internet. Get excited.



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