Web Marketers: The Silent Omniscient? [Infographic]

So you think you know yourself, don’t you? Think you can write down the last ten websites you visited today, without looking at your web history? Think you remember the sites and brand sites you visited last week?

Or how about online purchases? What were the last five products or services you purchased in the last 40 days?

What if I told you those sites and brands could not only tell you where you were online and when, but based on certain algorithms and trending those companies could probably predict what sites you would visit next or again, which ads you wouldn’t mind seeing, and if you would see the ads more on mobile versus a computer.

Crazy stuff, right?

The folks over at MBAOnline.com compiled the infographic you see below that looks at the outrageous profits and data these brands are bringing in.

Internet ad revenue eclipsed cable TV ad revenue for the first time in 2011. Though it still has a way to climb to beat broadcast, that should not take away from the growth of online advertising. And between 2010 and 2011, mobile advertising grew 149% to 1.6 Billion.

Ad folks are getting smarter with the data they are getting from consumers. Take a look at the infographic yourselves and tell me your thoughts.
Web Marketing

Created by: MBAOnline.com


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