What’s Been Goin’ On the Past Month

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post. Talk about some serious slacking.

I wish.

As this blog has been a priority of mine for some years now, this summer marked a shift.

First, I accepted a position as Lead Blogger at Talent Zoo’s Beyond Madison Avenue, a blog that talks about marketing and advertising, and the world between. I write once a day there, so the time usually dedicated to this blog has been consumed by my researching and writing for them. It’s also a paid position.

Paid to write? Yep, I’ll take it.

Then, we’ve been quite busy on our accounts, which is a very good thing. Ignite Charlotte and Live Out Loud! are just wrapping up, and we’re currently compiling research for our AV/IT client while stirring the pot for some new business.

Things are looking up.

“Looking” is the key word. Though we have things going on, there is still much work to be done for The Charlotte Agency to prosper. We’re still hunting for that “big deal”. We’re now open to contacting freelancers and expanding our creative capacity.

Are you a design or creative freelancer? Contact us.

We are still centered on working with and succeeding with small businesses in Charlotte. Watch the Charlotte Viewpoint panel I was on where we talked about idea incubators.

Anywho..I hope to get better in balancing all the stuff I’m working on and keeping this updated regularly again. Sorry to the ten people who check this frequently.