An Open Letter to Certain Charlotte Residents

Certain Charlotte Citizens:

I must say, you are an interesting breed. Anonymous comments on Charlotte Observer? Wow. If you’re going to say something stupid, at least identify yourself so the public is aware of exactly who the idiot is among us.

What am I talking about, you ask? Today, it was announced that Hendricks Automotive Group (along with an unidentified gifter) will be sponsoring the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District‘s middle school sports program for 2011-2012. With this gift, CMS can provide 13 sports programs for its school.

That. Is. Awesome.

But you know what bothered me? The comments. The unintelligent, “holier-than-thou” comments.

Let me explain.

The U.S. school system is broken. You and I both know this. People complain about how the federal government should get out of state affairs, or how state BOD’s are completely inept, or how the education system should be given to the hands of free enterprise. These are not new conversations. Private schools are close examples to that.

But then, when actual businesses come into the classroom or the athletic field to fulfill necessary functions (like healthy vending machines or sports), people get up in arms because its ‘commercial’?

People realize that free enterprise breeds commercialism, right?

Quick sidenote:  People may argue that athletics are not necessary in schools. These people either don’t have kids, have kids that get picked on, or was picked on when little. Sports are needed, crybabies are not. Please hush.

I applaud what the Hendricks Automotive Group is doing for CMS. Middle school athletics give children a chance to be on teams, and experiment with different kinds of sports they may want to invest in when they graduate onto high school.

And who cares if it’s “Myers Park Middle School Football, brought to you by Hendricks Automotive Group.” I’m glad these kids get to be out there and not in the street, people are coaching or officiating instead of having nothing to do, and the world continues to turn.



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