So We Finally Got Some Hardware

Welcome home, Hermes

Aww yea.

JDW: The Charlotte Agency won a 2011 Gold Hermes Creative Award.

We entered under the category web video with the work we did for the WingzzaTruck’s YouTube page.

According to the award site, out of 4,400 entries around the world, only 19 percent were awarded Gold.

So we are 1 out of 836 companies. In the world. That’ll do friends, that’ll do.

Now the big question: is this really a big deal?

Well, sort of.

Will most of our clients know what a Hermes Creative Award is? Probably not. Will our peers? Quite a few of them, yes.

You see, an award like this adds credibility. The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals said that 4,400 organizations entered. Fifteen percent of them won a Platinum award, and 19 percent won Gold.

See the math? Sixty-six percent received either an honorable mention award or nothing at all.

That’s 2,904 organizations.

So yes, I’m pretty happy.

We plan on continuing pushing out the good work.

We plan on adding to the hardware.

Charlotte community, thanks for giving us a shot!

As you can see, it’s worth it.

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