New Find: The American Time Use Survey

Who knew that the government actually collected interesting information?

I certainly didn’t think so. The Census is one thing, every professional communicator, urban planner, real estate investor would be interested. But how Americans spend their time? Not many would be interested to know. Because not many care.

But I took a closer look to it, and found extremely useful information from the survey.

First, the American Time Use Survey is done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It makes sense, for the survey concentrates on work and employment, leisure, sleep, volunteer activities, students, older Americans and the like. It gathers how much sleep certain populations receive, how much play time a group gets, and what kind of people work more from home versus being in the office.

Very interesting stuff.

Here are two takeaways from the survey:

-Multiple jobholders are more likely to work weekends and holidays than single jobholders
-Self-employed workers were three times as likely to work at home as wage and salary workers; multiple jobholders were also more likely to work at home as single jobholders.

It seems that the multiple jobholder and self-employed worker will have similar tendencies (let’s face it, many self-employed people now have multiple jobs!) so grouping these two populations, or least applying assumptions from one to the other, would work more times than not.

Search through the survey yourself, and feel free to share the insight you find.


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