10 Reasons Watson Will Never Be Better Than a Human

10. The Art of Sarcasm

Ah yes, the wicked joy of sarcasm. Too bad Watson doesn’t seem to have the mental capacity to comprehend the different tone of voice and gestures to enjoy it. Aw don’t worry Watson, no one really uses sarcasm anyway. Why would anyone use such a means?

9. Louisville Slugger

Sorry Watson. Though for a human, taking a Louisville Slugger to the gut would hurt, it wouldn’t damage any panels or mainframes. Point again, to the human race.

8. Battle of the Sexes

Always a fun part of our society. I know computer cords can be deemed “male” or “female” depending on its outlets, but if you can take both..what’s the call? Anyway, pick a side.

7. Sports and Games

Sure, I’m going to assume that IBM’s Watson can rock out in some Chess. But Connect Four? Tennis? Golf? Major doubt.

6. Dancing

I don’t see a fox trot, or even the Cupid Shuffle in your future.

5. Creativity

Plain and simple, Watson can read anything that has the foundation of 1s and Os. Anything deviating from that will be lost. In a world of black and white, there’s no room for red.

4. Free Will

Similar to above, free will is obsolete when it comes to Watson. It’s not self- aware (yet). And when or if it can become that, it is still programmed to operate under a protocol. Nothing it comes up with will be unmappable.

3. Laws of Attraction

No Watson, that LCD projector isn’t winking at you. The bulb is bad.

2. Occupation

Watson is stuck with being a Jeopardy contestant, or becoming the latest ChaCha answer consultant.

1. The Uber Geek

Just the fact ma’m. No jokes, and Watson definitely doesn’t ask the questions. Only answers them. Watson, no one likes a know-it-all.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Watson Will Never Be Better Than a Human

  1. I like Watson’s chances of winning at Connect Four.

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