Collaborative Agencies. Charlotte, Let’s Lock it Up

Last week, AdAge came out with an article that related that collaborative agencies- small to mid size shops that work with other small to mid size shops- is the “fourth wave of international advertising”, and because of that, Amsterdam is quickly becoming the next haven for creatives.


Now I’ve never been to Amsterdam, nor have I met any of the folks mentioned in the article, but I believe that the talent that remains in Charlotte, and the talent that remains hidden (or removed) here can compete with the agencies there.

So, my creative brethren in Crown Town, what is it going to be? Can us small, nimble agencies band together to put Charlotte on the international stage for advertising?

Are we as a group, hungry and ambitious enough to do that? I hope so. But I’m a critical idealist, so I think this is going to take some time.

The Charlotte Agency wants to be in the international conversation. We want to show the world that the creatives in Charlotte are more than a bunch of freelancers and old schoolers. If you care not to be included, then fine. We’re trying to streamline our relationships to those communicators and advertisers that are as up-to-date and hungry as we are. If you’re going to create bumps in our mold, then its better that we part ways.

It is what it is, old pros.

Consider this a call to all the small advertising shops in Charlotte to get their @#$^ together. That’s what we’re doing. We want to make 2011 a BIG year for us. A big year for advertising and marketing in Charlotte.

Join us.


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