Goals for 2011

This is going to be short and sweet. The top three things I would like The Charlotte Agency to accomplish by the end of 2011.

1. Be a Leader in the Charlotte Marketing and Communications Industry

I personally think it’s wide open. Maybe I’m naive, or unconnected. If that’s the case, I’ll make it a goal to change it. If I’m right, then I hope JDW can create a single, strong voice in the public relations, advertising and marketing community. The three distinct practice areas rarely communicate to each other on a regular basis. Sure, there are “partner” rates and specials, etc., but there doesn’t seem to be much information sharing, or actual collaboration. If there is, let’s make it more visible.

2. Create a Solid Foundation for “The 704 Experiment”

Yet another pet project for The Charlotte Agency. The 704 Experiment is meant to be a portal for new and young professionals, urban and city planners, government officials and communicators about what it will take for Charlotte to be the “Next Big Thing.” We at The Charlotte Agency don’t believe it’s there yet. Charlotte has a ton of potential, but there are elements in this city that are keeping it from rising to the top. What are those elements? We hope to lead the way and figure it out so we can develop a plan (an actual plan built from actual people *cough* CCP *cough*) and act on it.

3. Expand by the 3rd Quarter of 2011

That’s right! We want more crazy but lovable people to join The Charlotte Agency. We hope to have two positions available: Senior Marketing Manager and Assistant Creative Director.

We want to be able to take on bigger and more involved projects in the Charlotte and Southeast areas.

But we are still a little ways from being able to hire.

So Charlotte community: Let’s have more intimate discussions about doing business in Charlotte. You want your business to grow, as do we. Working together can help us achieve our ultimate goals: to be self-sufficient, and to do what we love doing.

And that’s it. We’re looking forward to 2011…it’s going to get interesting.


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