The Best and Weirdest in Advertising=Awesome

My day was going SO well until I saw AdFreak tweet its 2010 30 Most Freakiest Ads .

Did you hear that loud clunk? That was my productivity needle smacking the ground.

AdFreak also came out with the 25 Most Epic Ads that aren’t ‘1984’ (the classic Apple commercial).

Productivity, we’ll meet again tomorrow. I have ads to watch!

I am a huge fan of the quirky, unconventional, shocking, to the downright offensive. These lists make me so happy, because it shows to me that there are still marketing and advertising professionals to still approach their work as art, and are trying to set the conversation instead of being laggards and reactive and “joining” the conversation.

Plus, all 55 ads looked like the ladies and gents behind the scenes had a blast creating them.

What agencies stood out? BBH, Young and Rubicam, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Publicis were repeat offenders. I’ve always enjoyed the work S & S does, and if The Charlotte Agency had to pick what shop it’d want to emulate in the next 10-15 years, I think we would probably bend their direction.

No Boone Oakley, we’re not cheating on you. You guys are our short-term goal. Think of yourselves like a first serious girlfriend, and S & S wifey material. Savvy?

Anyways, there is not much else to this post. Go through the ads, and if you’d like, let’s talk about your favorite ones. Or the ones you hated the most.

Also, my Charlotte, North Carolina marketers and communications pros, why is there an apparent vacuum of creative like this? Is it because we’re in the Bible belt? Or is there something behind the scenes?



P.S. Under Epic Ads, check out the Johnnie Walker ad. Six minutes of awesomeness.



3 thoughts on “The Best and Weirdest in Advertising=Awesome

  1. Excellent stuff. Love the 10:10 one.

  2. Dangit, my day is shot now too. Johnnie Walker!!

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