What Mad Men Did for the Ad Industry

Long Live Advertising!

Although Mad Men was filled with sexism, immorality, alcoholism, smoking, and terrible parenting, boy did it show off the agency life.

From being the kings of the world, to the agency startup life, Mad Men surely did for the Ad world what Sex in the City did for the PR world- a breath of new life.

Mad Men showed the exciting process of leading creative. Sterling, the traditional account man (and my fav person!) demonstrated the highs and lows of finding, managing, and losing accounts. I loved his observation in the beginning of the season when he said that you get a lot of no’s in the agency world, but “when you get that one yes, it makes it all worth it”.


Now should we expect a mad rush of marketing and advertising degrees or resumes? I’m not sure. It takes a wonderful mix of creative/partier/workaholic to be in an agency environment, and there are not that many people that fit that mold anymore.

But I could be wrong.

Mad Men is a perfect example of how media can shift the conversation. During a time where advertising has become so dull, here comes a series that glorifies the Golden Age of advertising. How perfect.

But I’m not satisfied. I want to push the envelope more! For example:

A Black Mad Men:

Why? Ask a communications professional how many black colleagues they have. Their answer will be few and far between. PRSA, AMA, IABC, WOMMA and other organizations have done a piss-poor job of recruiting, retaining, and promoting minority talent. Let the media take control of the conversation, and let’s FINALLY have the debate about why blacks don’t stay in the profession, instead of tip-toeing around the subject.


More Emphasis on Advocacy for the Profession:

If you know or have talked to me, you would know that I have choice words for the organizations that advocate advertising, marketing and public relations. The only presence any of these organizations had in Mad Men (that I remember) is when Don and crew won a CLIO (which is not affiliated with any organization).

If this is the golden age of advertising, where are these “premier” organizations? Not once were these organizations even mentioned. I know Mad Men cannot cover everything about an Ad man’s life, but so far they’ve done a pretty good job, adding this piece (if Weinberg even knows about it) would be fun.

Thank you Mad Men for being awesome. I look forward to many (hopefully) seasons to come!

And what about you, other Mad Men followers? What would you like to see?


2 thoughts on “What Mad Men Did for the Ad Industry

  1. Id love to see more female strength and growth on the show. The thought of numerous women falling effortlessly into bed with Don Draper or the other ad execs after one self indulgent quip from a mouth that smells of bourbon and lucky strikes is unrealistic. Even those women that have rolls showing strength in the show are either portrayed as possible lesbians, insane ex wives or a tight skirted bombshell who suddenly becomes willing to cheat on her husband fighting overseas because those ad execs are just “oh so irresistable?”

    I understand that at the time they were few and far between in the workplace aside from nurses and secretaries but that doesnt mean non existant and it would be interesting to see what the mens club would do with a truly strong and unseducable female presence.. perhaps even as a competitor.

  2. Haven’t watched the show. Sorry.

    I have watched “Castle” though. I’m hoping it results in more authors being allowed to tag along with homicide detectives and actually interrogate and/or gain confessions from suspects.

    Free James Harrison!

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