Did Crowdsourcing Kill the Creative Stars?


Chesterfield ad from 1926.

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I would argue yes.

With crowdsourcing, the ideas and suggestions a marketing/communications teams receives, isn’t its own. Businesses, large and small, want their team to be creative, but then gets the idea of turning their communications team into designers from storytellers.

In these times, many teams are no longer a part of the conversation…teams are typing up and showing the conversation.

Brand Secretaries, if you will.

That’s why I found the AdAge article about the “results of the creative exodus” so appealing. Large and medium agencies lost their creative stars because some were getting burned out, and simply put “weren’t having fun anymore.”

Let the creatives have fun.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes communications teams have to ride the wave of a crowd. Sometimes. But to pull the idea mat under from your creative bunch is a huge mistake. Many agencies paid for that mistake, and lowered the switching cost of jumping to a small agency or starting one of their own.

If you are one of the few people who actually read this blog on a regular basis, you’re well aware of my hesitation and disapproval of using crowdsourcing (without assumptions being in place). I find it appalling to see businesses rely on the public to change its brand.

The public is not as bright as you think.

Small to medium size agencies are going to see budgets increase in market research and audience segmentation. Why? That is what they are going to need to do to survive.

Back to basics.

With the latest generation of marketing professionals, combined with the stars of former years, we should see some exciting and NEW creativity in the years to come. Should you get your popcorn ready?

I would argue yes.

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