I Want to Meet Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, form...

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I cannot tell a lie. I’m a fan of Rahm Emanuel.

Why? Well much like my post about Afshin Ghazi of Charlotte, this guy doesn’t hide anything about himself and how he does business. He’s fierce, ambitious, passionate, and polarizing.

And I admire that.

What is truly amazing to me is that his tactics and personality traits have been vilified by the media, his own party, and aware observers. I’m not too surprised about the Republican’ts and the ignorant observers, push-back against a liberal that gets stuff done is expected.

Rahm did exactly what he was expected to do:
-Implement the President’s campaign milestones
-Get Congress on board with the policies
-Keep the Dems in check
-Create a consistent environment around the Administration

And he did so almost flawlessly. In a cut-throat political environment like today’s, Rahm was the guy Obama needed to get started.

Today’s political and economical situation calls for more people like Rahm. He has his supporters, and granted, he has plenty of enemies. But he showed that an ambitious attitude and a will can get stuff done in the backwards community of Washington.

Now I don’t want to be BFFs with Rahm (though it would be totally cool!) but I would love to pick his brain as to some of the inside information and activities he had to do to get stuff done.

Along with that, while he has receiving extreme scrutiny and criticism about his approach, he conducted business-as-usual. Talk about resolve. I know Bush and Cheney were bad@$$es too, but I actually like this guy. And he wasn’t the one (technically) in the power chair.

Now when one talks about a Chicago democrat, the past Democratic Machines are brought up into the conversation (if you’re having an intelligent conversation). Is there a new Democrat Boss rising to power? Has the Democrat machine in Chicago ever left? I haven’t studied Chicago politics extensively, nor will I pay attention to the idiot ramblings on CNN, MSN, and the FOX storytellers, so I won’t give an opinion.

But if Rahm is the next Boss-to-be…that’ll be interesting to watch!

So Rahm, let’s talk. There aren’t that many Do’ers left in this society, and we need to stick together. Though I don’t see myself choking a democrat over a ledge to get a vote,  knowledge is power.



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