I’m Not a Fan of the RNC, but I Respect the Brand

Let’s face it: The Republican National Committee beats the pants off the Democrats when it comes to messaging, consistency, and overall branding.

The Grand Ol’ Party knows it is for big business.

The Grand Ol’ Party knows it will continue to fight for lower taxes and tax cuts (even when the country can’t afford it).

And those who fall out of line will be punished severely.

Bravo RNC, Bravo.

Regardless of what I think about the GOP, they are a perfect example of how internal communications can help with external communications. Once you get everyone of a certain group in-line and on point, the group doesn’t care who it has in front of a microphone. And that’s exactly how it should be done. If you say you are part of a group, then your message should not deviate much from the general message.

Message delivery is important too; and the GOP performs stunningly well.

Even when the group is making this era the most partisan Congress in history, they stay on message without blinking an eye.

Without blinking.

Being communicators, we know that there must be a point for every message. Whether it is awareness, or a call to action (or inaction), the end result is key to the message. What are the GOP trying to accomplish?

No…if it was outrage, I would think it would backfire. The GOP alone stopped several legislative attempts on healthcare, support for troops, money for education and more. So it couldn’t be outrage.

Get more Republicans in Office?
It is an election year, so the rhetoric is hotter and more bloated than ever. Do they want control of both Houses? Of course. Will this messaging and total partisanship help their cause? I doubt it. What solutions have they thought of? Not except the whole “everyone-against-Obama” thing. Although they’ve done a fantastic job hiding everything Obama has done, I think it will be a modest victory for the Dems.

Class War?
As the richer get richer, and the middle class rapidly disappears, I wouldn’t be surprised if this came to fruition. I don’t think it’s their goal to have it out between the haves and the have-nots, but their stance upon a golden podium won’t be long if they force people to tip it over.

My point is, I am not sure what they are trying to convey. Which is troubling for the RNC, because then they’ll have a bunch of gun-wielding, Crusade-declaring morons making their own conclusions.

Not cool.

The RNC does a good job putting the message out. Whether it be a message of hate, ignorance, partisanship, illusion, confusion, and straight stupidity…The Grand Ol’ Party throws it down with flying colors.

Bravo RNC, Bravo.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not a Fan of the RNC, but I Respect the Brand

  1. I think it will be a modest victory for the Dems.
    I sure hope you’re right.

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