Open Letter to the Pittsburgh Pirates

Used-to-be-great Pirates


Dear Pittsburgh Pirates:

I am one of the 30 fans remaining faithful to this weathered franchise.

The Pittsburgh Pirates used to be great.

The Pittsburgh Pirates used to be feared.

Hell, the Pittsburgh Pirates used to be a cringe-free spectacle.

And now, if the Pirates win a game (and apparently that’s a big “if”), the media and others wonder why the other team didn’t show up. Or, the opponents will rest their star players since, well, the star players are paid to perform, not practice.

What is it, 18 seasons now? Do you know there are several million teenagers/young adults in America that have never seen a winning Pirates season? I’m sure you guys have young bucks in your farm system that have never seen one either.

Since when did being pathetic become okay in Pittsburgh? Let’s not have any Cleveland traits rub off on us. We’re close…not that close.

You know what Robert Nutting (I’m guessing that you won’t), 18 losing seasons is pretty bad. I know you might put some blame on Mr. McClatchy, but you’ve been the head of this ship for almost four years. This is bad.

Am I in the right to call conspiracy? Are you trying to swipe from the memories of Pittsburghers the Seven time World Series Champions? Are you attempting to de-value the team to the point you can pay the players an hourly wage?

Something is going on here, Bobby, and I am not a fan. There were times (not saying there won’t be more) that I was angry enough to contemplate paying a visit to the Front Office and show the whole group of morons how a home-run swing with a Louisville Slugger looks like up close.

Don’t tempt me Nutting…I am wild pitch.  If you actually watch our games, you’ll understand the metaphor.

The players deserve more. To start a career by losing day in and day out is an incredible burden on these young guys’ psyches.

I don’t know what else to say. How dare you let the Pittsburgh Pirates continue this tumbling towards irrelevancy. Even ESPN and FSN Central are getting tired of reporting about how bad the Pirates are.

Do the owners of the Buccos even care? Yes Nutting, I’m still talking to you. How can you sleep at night knowing you’re the owner of the worst team in sports? And, you’re the CEO of Ogden Newspapers…you’re picking nothing but winning sides Bobby-Boy.

I don’t have any advice for you, all the advice you’ve received so far looks like it’s been put to good use. Plus, if I did give you advice, and you actually listened to me- and it worked- I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.

We got new players, and this season is pretty much over, so I’ll give you all one more season.

But, Nutting, if we lose a 19th season…I’m starting a Pirates Fans for Mark Cuban group.


7 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Pittsburgh Pirates

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  2. It has become quite frustrating to witness this team stink every year. The saddest part is many fans are just hoping for a winning season now. The Pirates could go 82-80, miss the playoffs, and these fans would be crazy stoked. Meanwhile, across the parking lot, Steelers fans go nuts and call for changes if their beloved Steelers go 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

    Years of suckitude (it should be a word) have led us to lower our goals from championships to a winning season. What the hell?

    However, placing so much blame on the owner is a bit harsh. Let me explain. The organization as a whole has stunk for a long time.

    First, our scouting department has done squat in evaluating talent. Pirates first round picks, until recently, have been terrible the past 18 seasons. They pass on great talents and select players who they are quoted as saying, “we project this player will be a good fourth starter for us.” Yup, while most teams use their first-round picks on guys they want to build a franchise around, we use high picks on guys who project to be OK. Now some of these picks are made because the team fears it will be too much money to sign the better players, and that does fall on the owners.

    Second, the general managers of the past 18 years have made some atrocious signings. The team has spent money on free agents, it’s just those free agents are jokes like Operation Shutdown Derek Bell, Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa to name a few. Add those terrible signings to Dave Littlefield trading for Matt Morris and paying him $10 million for like 12 starts, and it’s no wonder we stink.

    Third, our training staff stinks. Look at all of the pitchers we’ve taken in the first rounds and how they all seem to need major arm surgery before they make it to the major leagues. A few would be unlucky, but it seems to happen every year. Either the trainers are not taking care of these guys, or the coaches are fudging too much with their deliveries.

    Fourth, the fans need to step up. I know I’m asking a lot, but the team is something like 10-3 (give or take a few wins) when there are more than 30,000 fans. It could be a coincidence, or the young team feels inspired when they have a large and loud crowd supporting them.

    There is hope, though. The team is spending more money on the draft, and the young guys in the lineup are looking sharp this year. Critics will say we’re just going to trade them away in a few years, but they are on rookie contracts and most of them are locked up through 2016.

    I’m not a fan of the owner, but I just don’t think he deserves as much of the blame as fans place on him.

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  4. If you really want to know whether then Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly, etc…. are fixing things, I’d really focus on the West Virginia Power/Class A team.

    The past few drafts, the Pirates have been “overdrafting” by taking high school players that fall in the draft because they have college commitments, but then paying them first or second round money. Because of that, their development time is lengthened and a buttload of them are hitting West Virginia at the same time. If they all flow, it’ll be an awful sign and I’d expect all the front office people to get canned.

    Personally, I feel like they’re doing everything correct now by exploiting the financial system through the draft since they cannot compete in free agency. Littlefield left the minors in complete shambles and I felt everything needed to be blown up and start again from square one. Granted, that caused the bottom to fall out last year with the awful record.

    None of that will matter though if they don’t start hitting on some of these prospects. I know my opinion will be in the very small minority, but I figured I’d share the other side.

    • Thanks for the comment Mike!

      Granted, this was written close to a year ago, and you’re right, the Buccos are starting to do the right things! I watched a few videos that featured Mr. Coonelly and I was very pleased from what I was hearing. Heck, I even started to like the guy.

      Due to the popularity of the post, I’m going to have to create a Part 2 to highlight the new goings-on, since Mike, you pointed out correctly that the Pirates now seem to have made transparent their roadmap. Thanks again for the comment.

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