The 3 Rs for a Communications Professional

There are certain elements in communications that all professionals follow. From ethics to grammar, these tenets are held tightly to the heart and soul of any serious practitioner. But it is important to remind ourselves of the basics.

In kindergarten and elementary school, we learn about the “3Rs”. Let’s go through the communications’ version, shall we?

Whether it is a book,  or a blog, it is important to keep reading, and reading regularly. And with the reading, we are urged to read good writing. Reading good writing improves ours.

Not straying away too far from the original two Rs, writing is obviously a crucial component to the life of the communications professional. One of my mentors said that one’s writing displays the way one thinks. Along with that, it shows how well one understands a certain topic. Being a good writer is not a difficult, yet neither is it easy. It takes work.

Though arithmetic is important, in the life of the communications professional, research wins the day. Anyone can read good writing, and learn to write well, but the true professionals are separated from the rest of the pack when research is thrown into the mix. Knowing what to research, how to compile and analyze the data, and then deciding what to do with the information gathered are not tasks delegated to the weak. Research is done first, and all the other activities fall in line.

Hope this helps.


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