Another Post about PRSA

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and I have a love/hate relationship.

I love the fact that there is an organization out there that believes in advocating the importance and principles of public relations and communications.

I love that PRSA is trying to stay relevant…especially with groups like the Young Pros and social media trainings and the like.

However, there is still other things that I just can’t ignore. It’s disappointing attempt of diversity (leadership-wise and as a whole society), it’s new-found aversion with PRSSA/PRSA meet and greets (maybe not as a whole, but an overwhelming sample size) and the benefit/cost imbalance…which may be an internal argument I need to deal with.

What is cool though, is that I am not the only one with a problem with some of PRSA’s regulations. What’s even better, is that this professional, who I think is a rockstar, is in the process of doing something to change it!

Richard Edelman wrote in his blog about the PRSA requirement that you must have an APR (accredited in PR) certification before you even think of holding a leadership position. He was asked to sign a petition to eliminate the requirement.


Now I understand what the Society was trying to do. Any organization wants those in leadership to know the ins and outs of an industry. But the APR isn’t even sought out by many of the leaders in the PR industry! If it was a hot item, and “everyone who’s anyone” got their APR certification, it wouldn’t even be in conversation. Edelman has the statistics in his blog about those getting the certification, so I won’t repeat them.

I hope this succeeds. For PRSA’s hope, at least. Opening the leadership for national office to the masses will only do good things and bring more attention and eager folks to an organization that is struggling to stay in the limelight.

May this requirement be struck down with the greatest of prejudice.



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