“Remember Where you Come From”

Ah yes, the phrase that every girl or boy hears from their parents, teachers and mentors before they go off into the world to become part of the system, or manipulate the system.  The phrase is supposed to ground the wide-eyed new professional, making sure that if their dreams are realized, the success does not float to their heads.

I appreciate that phrase.

If it wasn’t for my upbringing, my teachers, mentors and friends, I am not sure where I’d be right now.

Because of them, like FDR ( haha my only thing in common with that great man) my confidence has been built up enough that I whole-heartedly believe in what John and I are doing, and sincerely believe that we’ll succeed.

Small business, and those that love it, have a wonderful sense of returning appreciation to those people and organizations that have helped them along the way. It is one of my strongest desires to keep that sense as time progresses.

Next week I have the opportunity, for the second year in a row, to give back to a wonderful organization that has been one of the cornerstones in my professional development. Next week is Week 1 of Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) held at Lycoming College in the Little League Capital of the World – Williamsport, Pennsylvania. PFEW is a week-long program where high school sophomores and juniors learn about free enterprises from businesspeople, and go through a business simulation.

Why do I have such an appreciation for the program? Well:

-I went through the program when I was a rising junior in Moon Area High School (Go Tigers!)
-While I was a broke college student at Elon, the PFEW crew invited me back during the summer to work as a resident assistant
-When I reached out to PFEW to help promote our crazy idea of starting a business, not only did they give me an opportunity to write an article in the newsletter, but invited me to be a Company Advisor
-Last but certainly not least, during my first go-through of being a CA, I may have found the most wonderful woman in my life

With all that, I think PFEW deserves more than just a ‘thank you’. I want to show them my gratitude.

I get to assist in molding the minds of the next generation (add menacing laugh here). Scary? To some. Beneficial? Hopefully.

Small business needs to support free enterprise. We need to give the necessary knowledge and encouragement that business, no matter how big and small, can do wonders here. That’s my message.

May this serve as an encouragement to spread your message. But before you start just anywhere, start at home first.


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