Support the Arts!

I’ll just add my minimal voice to all the big voices proclaiming that the arts and creativity are the only ways our society can enjoy life. Getting rich and gathering killer portfolios are fun- I guess- but watching your net worth climb doesn’t give you the same feeling like watching a theater show or musical. Or participating in a theater workshop. Or dancing.

Or reading.

Being at Area Fifteen, we seem to have more of a connection with those who appreciate the arts than others. Which would make sense. But all of us are exposed to arts every single day. Instead of celebrating it, many choose to ignore it. And that is sad. We have the power to not only support those in the arts, but to add art in our daily life.

Physics, Mathematics, geography, economics, sociology and most disciplines we know today came from Philosophy. People were asking questions about how and why the world as we know works today. Why people do certain things. Why government is the way it is. We as a people have gotten away from that. Ask a couple of questions- heck, just ask one- a day about your environment.

From publishing books, to writing something in a journal, the act of writing increases one’s thinking ability. It documents tales, thoughts and tradition. Writing is a crucial piece to our species, because it allows generations to look back and take an in-depth glimpse of history. Writing is also therapeutic, and a wonderful way to converse. Get blogging, or write in a personal journal, or write on a side of a building. I don’t care where you do it, just write.

Personally one of my favorites. We take each other (and gasp! sometimes ourselves) way too seriously. If your goal in life is to be as wealthy and powerful as possible- or if you have no goal at all- I would be pressed to believe that you are not playing very much. Try seeing the world as a newborn. Teach yourself how to do old things in a new way,  and new things in a fun way. Imagine. Move your body in a shape it hasn’t been before. Play a game. Create a game. Laugh.

I think this is the combination of think + play. Making an intentional effort to bring forth something new for the benefit of yourself and/or others. Creativity is sorely needed, especially in the United States. Especially in Charlotte. Variety is needed in arts, industry and thought. Conversation needs to be started, not just with the powers-that-be either. Based on the last three years, we have seen the success of those talks.

Which brings me to why I love and hate social media all at the same time. It provides a way for rapid communal consumption, yet many of those like-minded people never get a chance to meet each other face to face. And further still, those people who disagree with each other can effectively shun all dissenting opinions, or respond so violently that it cuts further discussion short and debases the topic. Face to face communication is still very important to our society. Get away from the computer. Go out and touch someone.




P.S. We never turn a visitor away..if you would like to talk more about this, feel free to stop by.


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