Thank You, Afshin Ghazi

You will rarely me utter that phrase, so drink it in.

So why am I thanking him? Because he does what it takes to stay consistent with his brand. And it ought to be commended.

The Charlotte Business Journal recently published an article about Ghazi being issued a violation for potentially operating his drive-in without a license.

Not only was he unavailable for comment, he’s leaving the Char-Meck authorities to his lawyers.


I like how Ghazi rolls.  Because not only did he just do what he wanted, it doesn’t really seem that the Ghazi company cares. I love it. It is exactly how I would think the owners of Suite, BlackFinn, Strike City and Mez would operate.

Brand consistency at its finest.

Also, like Ghazi, I believe that one can only be successful in the “system” if you know how to use it, and if you are not afraid to bend (or break in certain instances) the rules associated. His apparent disregard shows that he is going to do what he wants, and because that’s the case, and there is a following of people that likes what he’s doing (the drive-in), he’s probably going to get it. Your move, system.


What’s the moral of this story? If definitely not that Charlotte needs more Afshin Ghazis (please, the NC Music Factory is already barking up that tree), but Charlotte needs more businesspeople like Afshin Ghazi.

A mover. Someone who is willing to step on some toes and disrupt a system so he can benefit the community. It takes one person to go to Suite and act important, but it takes a whole other person to build a place where Suite wants to be, and continue expanding.

And certainly not least, he stuck with the brand. He’s not going to issue an apology (at least, a sincere one), and he’s building places where everyone is going to tell others where they are. Though his places attract a mixture of real folks and others, he’s going in accordance to his brand image.

Well played, sir.

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