Why the Business World Needs Punishment

“The act of policing is, in order to punish less often, to punish more severely.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Curtail incentive. Oh yes.

As I have written before, and will continue to do so until I am no longer able, people behave based on incentive. It can be negative, or positive. The same can be applied to businesses.

For example, tax breaks (the incentive in saving money-positive) can lure businesses into counties, states and countries. On the other hand, boycotts and/or product inferiority (failing- negative) can force businesses to open more communication channels, invest in more research so it can stay profitable.

But we as consumers have been waay too forgiving with the powers of business. Let’s bring the hammer down for these folks.

Bailouts are one thing, but consumerism is totally up to us. Will we reward banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America with our business?

Will we come running back to Ford, GM and the like after they have been making pieces of junk for the past ten years (and don’t even bring up Toyota..Audi had the same problem in the late 80’s, early 90’s and they seem to be doing fine)?

Risk can be scary, I’ll admit that. But we move our attention to the little guys- small business- and reward them for not being idiots with our money. Punish the big guys by shunning them out of our wallets and purses.

Punishing the big guys can help in several ways:

-It will give a boost to small business
-It will show the government that bailing out these guys isn’t necessary anymore, and should direct funding anyway
-By leaving the public spectacle, it will encourage others to create new products and services
-With the new boost in small business and research, jobs will be created to replace the voids created when punishing the corporations

Providing negative feedback to our Corporate America friends is sorely needed. But instead of writing to our Congresspeople (who are financially supported by them, by the way) to fix the problem, we need to take the initiative and hit their bottom line.

But once again, I am not saying to stop spending (I’m in marketing, after all) but I am encouraging us to spend elsewhere.

Support your local community bank and businesses.

Money is short for a lot of us- enjoy a staycation.

Some people may think that an economic-friendly mind going against Corporate America is a contradiction. Well, yes and no.

I do admire the way many of these companies rose to the top, but I am extremely disappointed with the way they went against the natural order of economics. If you fail…you fail. Give these other guys a shot. Mounting up a dead horse doesn’t solve the problem.

Plus, being community-centered, its the local economies that can do the most growth right now. Cities are hurting. States need investment. Start local and as they get business, all it can do is expand.

Punish those people and companies that have lost touch with reality. With negative feedback at their door in the form of lost business, perhaps we can bring them back.


2 thoughts on “Why the Business World Needs Punishment

  1. This is exactly like what we were talking about in Greece with the paper I wrote. The population is on strike, refuses to use any civil service as a punishment for the socialist economies terrible spending.. thank you Goldman Sachs for doing yet another deplorable thing.. and this one wasnt even on our own soil.

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