If Ideas Die, so will Society

With foolish political banter, stale marketing speak, and overall dull conversation fill the airwaves, it is a good time no to get back to basics and talk about ideas.

Wait. What’s an idea?

Merriam- Webster had plenty of definitions of what an “idea” is. After all, those crazy Greeks had definitions for many things, and sometimes multiple definitions for a single word. Coming from the Greek word idein (to see), I chose the 4th definition of idea:

4 : a formulated thought or opinion

Ah, ok. Formulated.

To me, formulated means that there was time between the concept was created in the mind and the concept being shared. Now these days people seem to skip the “formulation” stage (see Glenn Beck).

It is interesting that opinion is used as well. Meaning that there is no right or wrong idea, but an idea can very well be uninformed (once again, see Glenn Beck).

Our society is thirsty for new, exciting, and more importantly good ideas. Anybody can shout out ideas. Very few people can formulate good ideas.

And fewer still can actually implement them.

But let’s not get carried away. The point is that more ideas are needed so the audience (that’s you and me) can screen the bad ideas and latch on to the good. Economics, though watered down due to politics, can still pick winners. Some bad ideas can and will get through, but my undying belief in humans (though it’s in its deathbed) leads me to trust real business and community-oriented folks to pull through.

Our business community has reached its peak. The recession demonstrated that point quite clear. For communicators to message otherwise are failing to live up to the creed of protecting our consumers, clients, and interested parties.

Let’s get a formulatin’

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