More “Fringe” Events in Charlotte

Greetings all,

Sorry for the blogging drought. As spring picks up, and people begin to open their windows and run outside, digital interaction seems to take its rightful place as a complement.

So in that case, I’m not too sorry for the drought.

Just this past weekend, close to 200 people came to Area Fifteen, the small business incubator in Charlotte, for Barcamp Charlotte 3; the unconference that brings some of the brightest minds together.

From discussions about Google, mobile applications being created by Yahoo, to comparing a marketing team to a SWAT team (shameless plug, deal with it), BarCamp Charlotte 3 was a fun learning experience.

But don’t fret if you missed BarCamp Charlotte 3. There are more events that will aim at your creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Charlotte Start-Up Weekend
People gather together during this weekend can create a company. A great place to network, and show others what you got!

2. TEDxCharlotte
From the same folks that bring you “TED Talks”, TEDx is the free, localized version. A conference that is designed to bring innovative thinkers and doers together who want to make a positive impact on Charlotte. You must go to the website and apply for an invite though. Do so quickly if interested.

A note to the interested: these events are created for people who want to DO stuff. No pedestal service, no soliloquies…nothing. Show up, and Do Work.



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