What Does Success Look Like to You?


Every time we sit down with a prospective client, we ask them a question similar to the title of this post.

Their perception of success.

It is a pretty easy question to ask, but if one isn’t quite sure about their future, it could prove to be pretty difficult. Or, there could be more than one answer.

For Example (note: only examples, none of these represent our clients):
-Client A: At the end of the year, I want to increase my sales and profit by 22%

-Client B: I want to open another production facility at the other side of the city

-Client C: I want to double walk-in traffic and traffic to my website

As you can see, they all have a vision of ‘success.’ But looking closer, each client doesn’t necessarily need the same thing. It might be broken down like the following:

-Client A:
Before offering services that we could provide, let’s examine your expenses. If you are losing money somewhere, we can address that situation first. Then we can work on which marketing activities will fit your situation. Are they selling online as well? Where are they located?

Asking the right questions will help save the client money, and put your company in a more favorable position.

-Client B:
Now this could be a lot of fun. This client could need to boost sales and marketing, or a solid business plan to shop to investors so they don’t need to invest too much of their own money. Like in economics, the easiest way is usually the best.

-Client C:
This last scenario sounds like an awareness problem. That may not be the only case. How consistent is their messaging? Where is their storefront? How is their website traffic related to sales?

We have found that starting with the end in mind (with the end meaning reaching success) is the best way to form a marketing campaign. So never accept that they want to be successful. We got to dig deeper.


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