Bravo, Vancouver- Finish with Good PR

The Winter games in Vancouver started out a little rough: the fourth arm didn’t rise, the was a shortage of snow (didn’t see that coming), and the security prevented people from being close to the Olympic torch.

Talk about a headache.

Oh, and by the way- in the first week of the games, Canada’s medal count was a little bit higher than pathetic.

Looked like it’s gonna be a loong two weeks.

But the Olympian Gods had something in mind for our happy-go-lucky northern neighbors. And thank goodness, no one likes a disappointed Canadian.

Team Canada started kicking butt. Fourteen GOLD medals, way to protect your house!

And the element of their Olympic resurrection that pleased me the most was its closing ceremonies. Not only did they poke fun of their malfunctions during the opening, they also mended wounds by bringing back the athlete who didn’t get a chance to light her section, which was awesome.

The Vancouver Organizing Committee (and Team Canada) showed a very important point of public relations and competition: it is not how you start the event/game/day, it’s how you finish.

Although Team Canada and the organizers had a rocky start, they proved that they were truly Olympians.

Well done.


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