Movin’ On UP! JDW: The Charlotte Agency joins Area 15

I hope this post finds you all in good spirits. It is a cloudy and rainy day here in the Queen City, but it sure beats the snow, sleet and the dreaded “wintry mix” we’ve been experiencing. The sooner Charlotte is revived from its cold, paralyzed state, the better.

Though the day calls for the dull and the macabre, I will attempt to share my good spirits!

JDW: The Charlotte Agency is officially moving into Area 15 (@areafifteen) the creative community in Uptown Charlotte.

We believe that Area 15 shares the same ideals as we do:

-Pro-small business
-Community- oriented
– Creative
-Pushing the norms of society

Area 15, a small business incubator, is building the foundation needed for small businesses in Charlotte. And as the sole marketing representative in the community, we are pumped to showcase the Area 15 model, and the awesome businesses and entrepreneurs already in the impressive community! For example:

Group15 Real Estate: these group of folks are changing the way real estate is done in Charlotte and beyond. You’ll hear more about them soon.

-Loc’d: You see, the TRUTH about it is that this young and talented woman will blow the QC away. A hair stylist, clothing designer and a blooming spoken word artist and poet, all wrapped into one person anyone ought to know. Don’t worry, an Empress like her won’t stay quiet for long.

Felicitea: Okay, although she’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan, she’s actually pretty cool. Tea-making and Massage Therapy is her business, and she is very good at her work. Just avoid the whole NFL talk. 🙂

Not Just Coffee Charlotte: Like eceletic? Like Coffee? You’re welcome.

Just to name a few. We are excited to join the community. Area 15, thank you for having us.


One thought on “Movin’ On UP! JDW: The Charlotte Agency joins Area 15

  1. john and dwayne-you guys are perfect for this community! like u said-our values match up! thanks for joining us and helping everyone out!

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