10 Reasons Small Business is Better Than Corporate America

Just another post that attempts to poke the Man with a stick.

Small business is awesome. And here are 10 reasons why:

10. Words like “synergy”, “team-building exercise” and “ideate” are not thrown around, with the attempt of looking intelligent.

9. Creativity thrives in small business. It’s not stifled once it gets to a “middle manager.”

8. Politics, red tape and other bureaucratic garbage is non-existent.

7. There’s no such thing as “standard operating procedure.” It’s either we’re open and in business…or not.

6. Social Media Policy…huh?

5. In small business, you are not employee number #618. You have a name, and what you do matters in the short end, and long end.

4. Meetings are necessary to get everyone one the same page, and for actions to be created and/or finished. Not for people to sit there, talk and sound important.

3. Though most small businesses are out of the “Good Ol Boy network”, small businesses are FORCED to innovate and move a city forward.

2.  Small businesses don’t have to come out with lame excuses for SUCKING at business (i.e. too big to fail)…we’re just unfortunate because we’re used as political chatter but then are forgotten about after elections.

1. Small business makes the world go round. Smart people who want to make a difference. These are the people that deserve every break, yet they stay up late at night, wondering how they’ll make it to the end  of every year. How they’ll provide for a family. How they’ll send their children to school. These are the creators. The thinkers. The Doers. The tweeters.


5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Small Business is Better Than Corporate America

  1. I like 4, 7 and 8 the most

  2. Excellent post, Dwayne! I’d also add that small business can (done well) be much more rewarding for, and engaging to, its employees. In many large businesses, even managers and directors rarely get to see the true and final result of their work. They just move the widget along the line and prepare for the next widget, whatever that widget may be. In small business, by necessity, everyone from the top dog to the newest assistant is likely to be involved in at least some element of the strategy. And most everyone will see the impact of the project, initiative or task.

    Great post–keep up the good work!

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