Why Political Correctness is LAME

Oh wait, does that offend you?

Deal with it.

Why is it that people are so afraid to offend people anymore? I grew up learning that people and organizations will have its disagreements, that that nothing was wrong with that. Perhaps I was mistaken.

This new wave of boredom and suffocation of free thought is attacking the communications industry. This ‘American’ market has gotten so uptight, that if someone even mutters something that could be taken the wrong way (cough, articulate, cough), there is a monster uproar. Here are a few issues I believe deserve the most attention:


Probably the longest battle fought when it comes to being political correct. A black or Hispanic person walks into a room, and all of a sudden the white crowd starts stumbling over their words. Even worse, companies and other organizations disapprove of anything targeting ethnic groups (even when it is ‘okay’ to do so).

Calm down. Race is only a big deal when you make it one. Our society’s fear of attacking it only makes it a bigger taboo. What ever happened to celebrating differences? That’s cool too, you know.

To think that if creative shops did all-white ads, all-black ads, all-Latino ads, they would be put under fire as being racist? Really?  If the shop came out and said that it hated the other races, then that “ASSumption” would be realized. If not, give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, diversity is so in right now, those businesses that refused to work with others would be either pigeonholed, or phased out economically.

But wouldn’t be sweet if that didn’t even matter??

Body Composition (Skinny vs. the Fat Kids):

Ah, cue fashion industry. I realize that this issue dealt with mainly the overall health of young women; who idolized these super skinny and super unhealthy images of models. So I am just going to say these couple things-

As long as you’re healthy:

-being skinny is OKAY

-being full is OKAY

-being big is OKAY

If you love yourself, who the hell cares what other people think?

But will organizations come right out and say that? Of course not. Being ‘forward’ and ‘direct’ is so brash. Let’s go with “real beauty campaigns” and the “real woman”

I want to see Dunkin’ Donuts come out with a group of 7 300-pound men going to town on Boston Cremers with the subtitle, “Wednesday.”


Sexual Orientation:

According to this report about sexual orientation, four percent of the U.S. voting population self-identified themselves as something other than heterosexual.

Why aren’t there any gay/lesbian ads out there? Why the stark difference between the straight landscape, and the gay/lesbian underground?

Whether you agree with it or not, it is a market that deserves attention (the arab population in the U.S. is a little over 1%, yet they get a bunch of attention).

Put your big pants on America. If you want to be the leader of the Free World, do not stray away from issues at home.

And communicators, why are we SO afraid to push the envelope? Back in the hayday of advertising and marketing, we were setting the trends! Now we’re lucky if we can keep up.

I’m very disappointed is us. Let’s do better.


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