Communicators: Be Advocates for Your Community

By now, I am sure most people have heard the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

I am curious though as to how many people have taken that phrase to heart.

My guess? Not many.

Take Charlotte for example. It is known as one of the financial capitals in nation, and the largest financial center in the Southeast. Though that is the case right now, it has been reported that its board of directors may move the headquarters of Bank of America to New York.


With all the financial resources in Charlotte, NC, many small businesses here are still having trouble receiving the capital needed to grow.

Double Hmm.

But the rest of my angst is not with the bankers, loan “officers” and the like. I wonder where the communicators are in Charlotte that should be calling citizens to move to action?

I have been in very insightful conversations with the small business incubator Area 15 lately. How refreshing it is when you see businesspeople truly trying to make a difference. They’ve been missing one piece to the puzzle- attention.

Which brings me to the central point of the post today. Public relations, marketing and other communications have been evolving for hundreds of years. But the reason why this industry was created should not be lost: to spread a message that will improve the lives of a community.

In Ancient Greece there were those great orators, Sophists and philosophers. During the Middle Ages, Town Criers spread the news about new ideas and happenings. And today, we have a flourishing industry but we are deviating from the purpose.

In every community there will be Doers, Storytellers, and Naysayers. Unfortunately, the Doers never really get the attention they deserve. That’s why us storytellers need to assist with the cause.

Society can only progress when you improve home. Communicators, tell the world how local businesses are getting it done. Tell the people that without these hard-working folks, Corporate America would never exist.

We need to work better at promoting our neighbors. Let’s show the world what our communities are doing.

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