A Question of Morality

The past couple of years have been tough for the theory of morality. Business leaders, politicians, and international athletes have had their ethics and personal dealings called into question. According to the “public figure” clause we all learn in media and business law, those actions have every ‘right’ to be called.

Why does society care?

When I ponder this question, several thoughts come to mind, but I’ll take this time to concentrate on the most potent. The movie Scarface comes to mind.

Cut to scene: Tony Montana (Scarface, played by Al Pacino) is at dinner with his coked-out wife and security detail. He’s drunk and dirty. A broken arm in a sling and he’s slumped in a chair at a five-star restaurant like he’s at home in Lay-Z-Boy. Montana sees that he’s grabbing attention and yells (from IMdb):

“What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy comin’ through! Better get outta his way!”

I hope you see where I’m going with this. I do not think that this question of morality is blowing up our news channels, papers and radio because the majority of listeners are actually offended. I think it is society’s way of throwing celebrities under the bus so they can show the mass populous “Look at them…you are not that bad.”

The book of odds shows that close to 50 percent of males will cheat or will have cheated in a relationship. Other places show that women have turned to substances and materials to fill voids in their marriages, relationships, and everyday lives.

So you have the nerve to punish these people so YOU feel good about yourself?


Before you go out and spend hours watching people’s lives unravel on ABC, how about you dedicate time building up your own? I am no different, there is always room for improvement in the moral category.

Let’s focus on those people and figures doing great things. Shift this unhealthy obsession with lust, adultery, and violence and showcase people living seemingly upright lives.

Believe me, the media will stop showing this crap if YOU stop watching it.


2 thoughts on “A Question of Morality

  1. Well said! and I 100% agree. Great blog sweetheart : )

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