An Open Letter to Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Dear Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

First off, I too am a small business owner and entrepreneur. JDW: The Charlotte Agency started in January 2008, probably the worst time (or best) since 1983.

Times are tough. But, right now is the best time to increase your market share, and create an even stronger connection with your current customer base.

Business analysts, marketers, and many other communicators have agreed that businesses that participate in marketing activities during an economic downturn, increase their profits during a growth period.

So I ask this: What the HECK are you doing?

Findings from came out about the small business presence in Charlotte, and quite frankly, I was appalled. Here are some quick tidbits:

– 44% of small businesses in Charlotte have websites
– 7% Small businesses in Charlotte advertise online
-13% take advantage of FREE online listings and search engines

From these pathetic numbers, you- small business community, have no right to complain about lack of business…you are not even trying!!

My fellow business owners, we have a lot on our plates. We worry about sales numbers, revenue, and keeping the doors open. We scream at the TV everytime a BofA moron is on, and wonder when will we get “that break.” Heck, some of us are praying because this may be our only chance to do this.

But. You. Have. To. Try.

Use these websites:

-Free Press

Increase your presence folks! Charlotte needs small businesses to do well! We need each other to do well.

Get your act together. But let’s do it together.


Dwayne Waite Jr.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

  1. DW,

    Thanks for picking up the info from and spreading the word. So many SMBs around the country aren’t taking some of the basic – often free – steps they can to increase online visibility.

    • Alan:

      No problem. I totally agree with you. Plus, it is nice to see people and organizations that rely on metrics to SHOW the problem, instead of just TELLING it. can help us out a lot. Cheers!

  2. Absolutely. There are a lot of free resources for smb’s to get their info out there.

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