A Few of My Favorite Sites

As a self-proclaimed life learner, I cannot believe how the internet never ceases to amaze me. The depth of knowledge one can find at their fingertips is breath-taking.

But with the depth of knowledge, comes a caveat- all the clutter. With every web site worth going to, it seems that there are three pages worth of garbage. Now communicators who rely on the internet must become/create/use opinion leaders to help them sort through the mess. Here now is my attempt to participate.

Below are two sites that I wholly believe are worth checking out. One of these two is currently in its “soft launch” and the other one, though only a little bit older, has already received acclaim and promotion of the NYTimes writers of the FREAKonomics blog (so naturally I had to check it out).


1. Open 4 Definition

How do you look at a word? What’s your definition of “expert”? I think your definition is different than mine, and that difference might be explained here.

2. The Book of Odds

Like statistics? Want to see statistics used in a cool way? This website compiled TONS of data and attempts to tell your life in a game of odds.


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