Why Smart People Don’t Go Into Politics

With the new wave of political thought in the air, it seems that one trend stays the same: the majority of the intelligent population tend to stay out of politics.

“Dwayne,” one may say “intelligent in what sense?” Let me be sure to cover my base, saying that I am in no way insulting our current leaders’ mental capacity. I will be the first to say that many of our politicians are much smarter than I am (and thankfully I can comfortably say that about our current President).

I am referring to human behavior. From my outside and perhaps too businesslike view, below are a few reasons why I believe the “intelligent” stay out of politics.

1. Government is Inefficient
From the community level, all the way up to the federal, if you want something done quickly, do NOT go into politics.  All of the rules, regulations, operating procedures, and “watchdogs” (as well as the lack thereof) are so counter-productive, that nothing gets done. The phrase “red tape” and “bureaucracy” belong in the government realm for a reason.

2.  Want to Please Everyone, but Protect the Minority?
Our system is built on the thought that the minority must be protected against the majority. That’s where the Electoral College came from. That’s where the House of Representatives and the Senate came from. So, how are we supposed to expect fairness and equality? Fairness according to whom? The system? The majority? Or the minority? You decide. Oh wait…

3. Too Many Hands in One Pot
Everyone wants to have a say in something. Do we really need a bunch of egomaniacs who think they know what’s best for their constituents (when in reality they are more worried about reelection than actual policy)? I am not implying that I know a better system, but I would much rather sit outside and enjoy the show.

4. Government is Entangled with Economics…Ahh!
Once again, there is a place for government to interfere in certain business practices. It can be a consumer, and it could also be a competitor. But for it to disallow certain practices?  Come on now, the market (if we believe in free enterprise, of course) should be able to decide the winners and losers. Oh wait…enter today’s financial crisis. Government “by free enterprise, uh, we meant-” nope, no excuse needed. You all in charge can be replaced. Thank you democracy.

5. The Private Sector is in Charge Anyways
Ah yes, Capitalism. Until government policy is no longer affected by the Corporate powers-that-be, why go into politics? I have never seen a group of people so willing to be puppets.

Now here is where I contradict myself, and willingly so. Human nature needs order. Thankfully, our government gives this population the perception of order, which is fantastic. The theory of public citizenship is wonderful, and democracy-giving people the power and belief that their vote matters- is sorely needed. So, although my views of the political arena is poisoned with what I would consider as reality, I am very thankful for those who think otherwise.




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