North Carolina- At Least LOOK Like You’re Trying…

I love living in North Carolina.

More specifically, I love the Queen City herself, Charlotte.

What really bothers me, though, is why there are many people and business people asking me why I like it? This place is beautiful, shouldn’t they know already?

Then I checked the North Carolina Dept of Commerce Site.

Oh, that’s why.

You see, I am a big fan of facts and figures. Without them, artful language is nothing but that. My philosophy of marketing is that marketing is the ability to make facts and stats dance and entertain the potential investor or consumer, so they become attracted to a specific good or service. Good marketing makes good facts and figures palatable.

Bluntly put, the aforementioned site has no dancing. no entertaining.

I want to help North Carolina out. Here are my top five reasons to do business in North Carolina.

1. Smart, Ambitious and Young

Take Charlotte for example. The average age here is 34.1 years of age. Not an uncommon statistic around the growing cities in North Carolina. And with so many prestigious universities here, there is a breeding ground of brains and talent.

2. Won’t Break the Bank (too soon?)

Referencing the Cost of Living, take a deep breath. Compared to the other places in the nation, the South has it made! Come on now business folks! Use the CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator and see how North Carolina beats out the competition.

3. Extremely Low Barriers of Entry

It’s EASY to do business in North Carolina. Why look anywhere else? Listen. North Carolina has suffered from having to switch from a pure textile and furniture producing economy. But that makes room for so many more businesses to target more markets.

4. Prime Industries Ready to Launch

In my networking, reading and listening to the buzz in Charlotte, here are some industries in the next few years will pop off (grow) in the Carolinas:

-Wineries and supporting businesses
-Wind, Solar, and alternative energy companies
-Equine Industry (horseracing and maybe even legal horse                                        betting)
Can your company grow with these businesses? I think so. So why aren’t you here yet?

5. You’ll End Up Here Anyway

In my last blog, about the U.S. Demographic Landscape, it showed that close to 40 percent of Americans are going to be living in the South. 4 out of every 10 Americans will be experiencing the wonderful weather, beautiful nature, and the like. With such a huge chunk of people, won’t your operations need to have a certain southern lean to it? Perhaps, if you don’t already have a foothold in your current region.

Regardless of how North Carolina portrays itself,  it is not as boring as you would think. Take a look at all the facts, and then come down and visit for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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