The U.S.: A Country with Multiple Personalities

Who knew that one day the U.S. would not be able to speak for itself?

According to the report coming out from AdAge (summary here) the population here in the United States is more fragmented and diverse than a stained glass window.

And as a communicator and active participant in the marketing industry, this information is crucial to our success. A few quick points that need to real explanation:

-The “American Dream” is dead. Or at least, multiple “dreams” have replaced it.

-More consumers are moving to the West and South; meaning a balance of power will shift to those major cities (Salt Lake and Charlotte the next L.A. and New York? Who knows…)

-The Average household…huh? Average a thing in the past.

-Death to big business? No, but certainly a much needed makeover.

Yes, your move mass media.

As communicators, marketers, and non-profits have been saying for YEARS now…THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY.



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