Why Can’t We Play Anymore?


If that one word doesn’t trigger some kind of emotional response in your soul, stop reading- and call your doctor.

Playtime is awesome.

This post is getting better and better, isn’t it? What memories does that three word sentence evoke? I’ll tell you the five things I think of when I hear playtime:

1. Cops and Robbers (or jailbreak/release as we Western PA’ers call it)
2. Four Square
3. Playing football with the neighborhood kids until the streetlights came on
4. Creating games out of thin air…and loving it
5. Laying wide awake in bed the day before vacation


What a word. So then, I now pose this question:

Why does Playtime have to stop?

Simple question. Many answers.

Is it because the word “play” sounds so young, and fresh, so it has to die once we get older?

Surely not.

Not being able to play limits the ability to be creative. It hinders the spirit to explore new boundaries, think differently, and improve things.

No playtime. No progress.

Show me a person who doesn’t want a play, and I’ll show you a person that is unable to be creative.

Play Away.

The United States workforce spends the most time working IN THE WORLD. Who can schedule enough playdates with only a national annual average of 4 weeks vacation?

How can we bring on change and innovation, when we are surrounded by Debbie Downers that refuse to even consider “radical” ideas? If we changed “radical” to “playful”, would the idea be listened to? Probably not.

An intelligent mind is a playful mind. One who is not afraid to take the “established” norms in society and make a game out of it. Isn’t that what that whole revered theory of Provocation is about? (example: If your computer keyboard had no letters, what would you do to make it functional?)

Let’s bring that chlidish mentality back. Enter situations like you’ve never seen anything like it before, as if you were a newborn. Experience is good in some cases, but when creativity is involved, it is highly overrated.

Okay, enough writing. Meet me at the sandpit!


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