What Marketing and A Bag of Pissed-Off Hornets* Have in Common

Ah yes, one of the nagging questions of our industry.

To quench your thirst for the world’s most intriguing questions, I will be more than happy to answer this one. For, these two seemingly unrelated subjects have unquestionably similar traits.

1.  When Used Right, Can Be Very Effective

Good marketing raises visibility, and can lead to raised revenue levels. And raised revenue levels can lead to good days at work. It is important to have a focused marketing strategy and use marketing activities that are specific to your audience, don’t spray the field.

Likewise, a bag of 500 pissed off hornets can work well for you when used right. Imagine waiting in a line, “excuse me sir/miss, but I have a bag of hornets, and they have NO patience whatsoever. Do you mind if I jump ahead?”  Who would say no?

2. Hold Limitless Possibilities

Effective marketing can make a business soar to new heights. When a business establishes a solid customer base from good marketing, it can explore so many new channels. It could open a new product/service line. It could hold an event. It could even take a leadership retreat.

Same with a bag of pissed off, pollinating  insects. “What are you doing with a bag of hornets?” you may ask. I counter, what are you doing without one? To my knowledge, there’s no law regulating the number and method one transports hornets.  The world is your playground my friend.

3. Could be Dangerous

Be careful what you wish for. Marketing effectively will open your business to much more scrutiny than flying under the radar. Make sure you have your business where you want it to be before directing eyeballs and opinions to it. Sometimes marketing and getting your message out could do more damage than success.

And I don’t think I really need to elaborate why a bag of hornets could be dangerous.

4. Relatively Inexpensive

When it comes to marketing, there are so many activities that may fit your organization. Don’t listen to those marketers that will try to get half your operating budget. But on the other side, marketing is an investment, meaning that you get out what you put in. Open up the conversation with your marketing person/company and see what methods may be best for your company.

Depending on the quantity of hornets that you are looking for, spending an spring afternoon outside should yield enough hornets to make a statement. And in many cases, just a few would do the trick. I myself would go the Teddy Roosevelt route “…but if you must hit, never hit soft.” If I roll up with a bag full of flying killers, people will not mistake me as playing around.

5. Always a Need for It

Marketing, like I must have said over a dozen times in this blog, is the language of business. To be successful in this “free enterprise”, you got to do it. Exercising your marketing arm is much better than doing nothing.

As for a bag of hornets, just because you never see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. I am sure there have been plenty of situations where a bag of ill-tempered stinging insects would have solved any problem.

There you go! Now you can sleep soundly. Cheers!

*Historical Note: Charlotte, during the Revolutionary days, was a playground for American Revolutionaries and British forces. Because of the constant skirmishes, General Cornwallis referred to Charlotte as the “Hornet’s Nest” of the War. See? There is a hidden point to everything. And you even learned something! 😉

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