The Rebirth of the Single Advertiser?

Retro marketing is trying to make a comeback! How interesting.

In the latest Adage article, Budweiser bought all the ads spots for the next Saturday Night Live, promoting its new Golden Wheat.

Also, Microsoft and FOX made a deal with Family Guy’s creator, where Microsoft will be sponsoring a variety show- and Windows will be featured throughout the event.

As you read further in the article you read that this tactic was brought back to life in 2005, and has been used seldomly since.

But as a fan of history, I cannot let people think that this is by any means “new.” And I have two words for you that will further help me illustrate my point: Soap Operas.

Yes! Before these shows got huge on TV, they used to be on radio, sponsored by major soap and manufacturing companies. This folks, was in the early 1930’s and 1940’s.

So what is my point? Look at the trend. Like the fashion industry, the marketing industry too seems to be cyclical. As brands are trying to bust through the clutter, they came to the realization: They could eliminate the noise! Buy up ALL the ad spots and run your brand. If you have the money to, why not?

This is easily adaptable across many channels. A brand could buy all the advertising spots at a radio station for a week. A brand could buy all the ad space in a magazine (if it was worth it). This trend could lead to something.

Now there  are serious economic implications as well. If a brand is able to buy up all the ad spots of a medium, then economically speaking, the medium is leaving cash on the table. Meaning,that the price for ads is too low. SO the indirect result of the rise of the single advertiser,  could be the rise of inflated ad prices. But, as always, speculation has the poorest vision.



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