That’s Good PR! / That’s Bad PR :-/

Perhaps the beginning of a recurring theme that will appear in this blog. So many things have happened over the past few weeks, in business, politics, and so forth- one communicator has to be able to step back and analyze what moves worked well, and what moves, a-hem, could have used longer prep time.

David Letterman sex scandal- That’s Good PR!

Under the circumstances, David Letterman handled his personal situation extremely well on the national stage. He beat everyone to the punch, and the jerk trying to extort him is now paying the ultimate price. Well done sir, well done.

Burger King teaming up with FOX to crack jokes about Jessica Simpson- That’s Bad PR :-/

Can’t say I’ve been the biggest fan of Burger King’s recent creative in the first place (actually, the complete opposite) but this is a little over the top. AdAge released a low-quality short of the cartoon: and it is bad. On multiple levels. So then, is it so bad that it is actually good? No, no is not. Stick with the creepy king.

President Obama going to Denmark to vouch for Chicago for the ’16 Olympics- That’s Good PR!

The PRESIDENT of the United States took time out of his schedule to meet with the IOC to present Chicago as the Games’ future destination. Grow up haters.

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift- That’s Bad PR :-/

Kanye, my girlfriend heard your “Kanye’s Workout Plan” for the first time in September, and she is amazing when it comes to knowing music. Meaning, you are no big deal. To think that your measly opinion is more important than a young singer’s first award EVER is 100% disgusting.

Ralph Lauren and “the Model picture”- That’s Bad PR :-/

Okay, so I understand that every woman is supposed to be like 5’10 110 pounds and a -2 waist line, but now Ralph Lauren is just being silly (note: that line is a joke…some readers are still having a hard time finding my sarcasm).

To say that the photograph is altered without consent and approval is one thing- that’s a personnel/management issue- done and done. Then to say later that the photo appeared in an ad in Europe and wasn’t supposed to, that’s another. But Ralph Lauren wasn’t done there. So far it only shot themselves in one foot, and we know Ralph Lauren doesn’t half-ass anything (unless they take half an ass off a model..high-o!), and decides to FIRE the model from the photo in question.

I will not get in to all that women’s rights stuff, not my place. But on the public relations standpoint- you should have known better. All these new campaigns showing average women and you pull this? Hopefully your entire communications team is on vacay, in a coma, or men (so maybe a combo of the two 😉 )

That’s it for now! I’d love to see more examples if you got em!



One thought on “That’s Good PR! / That’s Bad PR :-/

  1. Thank you so much for writing about this..people need to understand that bad situations dont have to lead to bad publicity…its all in how you handle it. Advertising and PR have huge impacts on society as a whole whether they want to admit it or not.. and it is so important that if a mistake is made that it is handled with class and truth.. not the initial snap reaction to cover your ass (or lack of one in the Lauren case)

    Lauren needs to take responsability for the fact that his industry puts out unrealistic standards of beauty and body image..and then change it.

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