SEX! Sex! Okay, Now That I Have Your Attention…

A USA Today article came out about the new ad campaign the pistachio nut industry is using to hopefully attract customers and awareness.

And goodness gracious! Tell grandma and grandpa to look away, and don't be in the same room with your parents when the commercial comes on...

...the commercials are using SEX! (gasp!)

I mean, really folks, the fact that the new campaign got a placement in USA Today shows how our society is still so conservative enough that an industry like the NUTS industry (hehe) using sexual ads gets attention.

Of course sex sells in the United States. It's still taboo. Only the rebellious and confident even mention sex. If there is a topic that the industry wants to be attractive we say to "make it sexy."

The U.S. advertising industry still has a long way to go. Check out this European ad and you'll know what I mean.


2 thoughts on “SEX! Sex! Okay, Now That I Have Your Attention…

  1. wow that clip was funny. I really don’t see what th big deal is. Its true if your not equip’d/ready to raise a child, then we should use condoms. It was hilarious

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