A Tenet of Marketing: Sell them WHY They Need it, Then Sell the Product

There is no “which comes first” question when it comes to selling marketing.

In a climate where budgets are still tight and people are not willing to spend, the argument shifts from how much marketing to do, to why do marketing.

So, to further illustrate the point, question 1 goes from:

1. What channels should we use to connect to our audience?


2. Why should we dedicate any dollars to marketing in a time like this?

So as communicators, we must add more ammunition to selling our industry more than our services.

Three ways that we, The Charlotte Agency, believe marketing communications should be done is as follows:

1. Affordable: Especially in a down economy, ensuring small businesses rates that will provide them the activity they need to attract more customers is crucial.

2. Available: Utilizing the appropriate channels to target an organization’s market.

3. Visible:  Good marketing guarantees that the money an organization spends on it will give it the spotlight it deserves.



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