Ten Reasons Why Your Marketing (Probably) Sucks

Let’s be honest. The economy “seems” to be recovering, and you’re not seeing the same sales you’re used to. Below are ten reasons (not exclusive) why that may be the case.

10.  You Think Marketing Costs Too Much
If several hundred dollars brings in several thousand, then what you spent doesn’t seem sobad, now does it? Marketing, like owning a business, takes risk and investment. If done right, your risk and investment are rewarded.

9. You’re Doing Unnecessary Marketing
Also, like investing, marketing only works (and works well) when you put your dollars in the right place. For example, if you’re using more than 80% of your marketing dollars on the radio to reach Generation Y’ers, I can tell you right now that you’re wasting money. Utilizing the right channels for your audience will amplify the value of your marketing.

8.  You’re Skipping a Step before Marketing
RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. A 22 year old male is highly unlikely to buy a year’s worth of leggings -no matter how sweet your marketing is. Also, Gen Y females in the Northeast won’t buy a bunch of leggings in August- think about it.

7. The Intent is Absent
Why should people want to do business with you? What’s in it for them? Marketing is the language of business, so use it effectively. No one will care about your product or service as much as you do, get over it. But show them how your passion for your business will improve their life.

6. The Message is Boring
Okay, so there are only so many ways one can make a pair of jeans sound cool. But its the coolest messages that sell. Period. When I go shopping for jeans (once every 3 years) the price and logo are the two things that continually catch my eye. And because of my infrequency of jeans-shopping, I am WAY more willing to pay for a pair of jeans that look cool and are more expensive than others.

5. You Listen To the “Experts”
“Mass Marketing is Dead”, “Twitter is the new journalism”, “The Death of Print Media” – please don’t listen to that. How are these experts going to tell you how to reach your audience (ignore irony here)? The point I’m trying to say is, you should do the thinking for your target audience.  Just because there are trends occurring in the market, doesn’t mean that it needs to affect your marketing practices.

4. Your Website is Lame, if You even have One
Even if the majority of your business may be done offline, in the age of technology, some kind of online presence is becoming necessary. You don’t need to spend $9,000 on one, but a decent investment should be considered

3. Your Marketing is Inconsistent
If your customers are in a consistent cycle of rediscovering your business, you have a branding issue. Good marketing enables you to keep the same theme of your business, while at the same time you can switch up the message. Please, not both.

2. You’ve Kept the Same Marketing Philosophy Since You’ve Started
Yikes. As your customers change, your marketing should change. My needs and wants now are SO different than my needs and wants five years ago, and my purchasing habits reflect that. Are you staying up to speed?

1. Your Marketing Doesn’t Fit Your Product or Service
Haha, worst scenario EVER. If your talk doesn’t match your walk, then it’s not the customers that have it mixed up…it’s you. An engineering firm is not going to have the most edgy ads and messages out there. Nor will a successful fashion magazine be totally primp and proper.

Though I’m sure this post coincides with all the other “Expert Marketing” hoopla, to have it broken down without the stupid marketing jargon may prove to help those that need marketing assistance the most.

Comments encouraged. Cheers.


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